New regulations from 2024 for entitlement to child sickness benefit

Anspruch Kinderkrankengeld 2024

Beim Kinderkrankengeld hat sich einiges getan. Das Hin und Her in den letzten Jahren hat bei vielen Eltern für Verwirrung gesorgt. Ab Januar 2024 gelten nun wieder neue Regelungen. Das Team von Northwind HR hat Ihnen hier zusammengefasst, welche Neuerungen es gibt und wie hoch der Anspruch auf Kinderkrankengeld aktuell ist.

Wissenswertes zum Kinderkrankengeld

Anspruch auf Kinderkrankengeld

If the child is ill, needs care and both parents are working, it is possible to take time off work and receive child sickness benefit. This is regulated by law and is binding for employers.

The leave of absence requires that the parents are insured with a statutory health insurance fund and that the child to be cared for is under the age of 12. The age limit does not apply to disabled children. Another requirement is that the childcare cannot be provided by another person living in the household. The entitlement is limited in time and is intended to compensate for lost income. None of this is new and it still applies.

Now it’s getting more complicated. In the coronavirus years, the entitlement to child sickness benefit had increased in terms of annual days: maximum 30 working days in a row per parent (previously 10), maximum total entitlement 65 working days each (previously 25) – single parents 60 working days in a row (previously 20), maximum total entitlement 130 working days (previously 50).

These regulations for the receipt of child sickness benefit were abolished on December 31, 2023.

Entitlement to child sickness benefit from 2024

The entitlement to child sickness benefit applicable from 2024 reduces the most recent stipulations on maximum child sickness days, but increases them compared to before. This was decided by the Federal Council on November 24, 2023 and is regulated in the so-called Care Study Strengthening Act.

You will be entitled to the following child sickness benefit from January 2024

  • Parents 15 working days per child
  • Total entitlement per parent 35 working days per year
  • Single parents 30 working days per child
  • Total entitlement for single parents 70 working days per year

There is a further innovation. If the sick child has to go to hospital and it is medically necessary for a parent to be admitted as an inpatient, the limit on children’s sick days no longer applies. In such a case, the entitlement to benefits applies for as long as the inpatient treatment is medically necessary.


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