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Keep control with comprehensive human resource management

personnel management

We not only call it Human Resources

Effective human resource management comprises many tasks and objectives that frequently need to be considered and accomplished. This management, which is often abbreviated to HR, requires a high degree of flexibility because of the many different issues of employees and the business itself. Our team at Northwind HR professionally and comprehensively supports your human resource management and gives you access to a state-of-the-art HR portal.

Due to its various functions, human resources is crucial for business success, but also time-consuming. It includes personnel planning, personnel management, personnel development, and communicating important issues. We understand that every business operates differently, so we make sure to consider individual processes.
Your employees will also benefit from our human resource management service. They can easily access their accounting files, employment contracts and other documents at any time, and they may even apply for leave online. This protected transparency improves user satisfaction and saves valuable time in every area of the business.
Our name stands for excellent human resource management!

Auch Ihre Mitarbeiter profitieren von unserem Personalmanagement. Denn es ermöglicht jederzeit schnelle Zugriffe auf Abrechnungsdokumente, Arbeitsverträge und andere Unterlagen und lässt beispielsweise Urlaubsbeantragungen online erledigen. Diese abgesicherte Transparenz sorgt für mehr Zufriedenheit und spart in allen Unternehmensbereichen enorm viel Zeit ein. Mit uns als Partner behalten Ihre Human Resources einen zuverlässigen Namen!

Discover how to benefit from our human resource management and HR portal

Enjoy the advantages of easy data management and time savings by outsourcing your human resources to us and using our HR portal. It is specifically designed to manage your workforce by creating digital personnel files within a portal tailored to your company’s needs. You no longer require paper trays, which saves you time, money and resources in the long-term. We provide secure connectivity to cloud-based IT according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and your data is transmitted via an automatic interface.

Here is a list of solutions available for your digital human resource management:

  • Maintenance of electronic personnel files
  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Overview over competent persons, and provisions on representation
  • Electronic archiving
  • HR portal that serves as platform to inform employees
  • Option to apply for leave online
personnel management service

If you have questions or are uncertain about using your digital human resources, don’t worry: Our team offers comprehensive free support by phone or email.
Our tailored service packages include helpful solutions that enable you to use our state-of-the-art human resource management.

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