Ideal personnel management: with our partner Factorial

Our customers value our reliable and versatile services, which are centred around payroll accounting, payroll accounting and personnel management. But we are not standing still and are constantly optimising our service package. As part of this, we at Northwind HR have partnered with Factorial, a smart software for human resources.

Factorial software

Factorial Produkte

What Factorial can do

Factorial provides your company with a comprehensive all-in-one solution that takes over and simplifies numerous functions of your personnel management.

You are offered these features

  • Document management for payroll accounting for your employees
  • Time recording, shift management and recording of absences
  • Management of expenses and holidays
  • Management of internal company documents
  • Facilitation of processes for applicants and new employees
  • Requesting and creating digital signatures

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The Factorial mobile app also offers employees access to self-administration and internal communication.

Factorial is a sustainable step towards the digital processing of your human resources matters. Manual work steps are no longer necessary and important analyses can be called up at the touch of a button. The handling is simple and clearly laid out and of course secure against unauthorised access.

To summarise, you save time so that you can devote yourself to other important aspects of day-to-day business. This increases your productivity and optimises the management of your tasks to be completed. And your employees gain more transparency within the company and more personal responsibility. This is very conducive to motivation and identification with their employer.

Your advantages with Factorial:

As our customer, you receive an interface to Factorial, which gives you access to the software. Your time data and master data can be imported to us so that we can handle your payroll accounting for you according to your wishes.

Do not hesitate to entrust yourself to Factorial. You too can benefit from customised and helpful solutions for the future of your HR management.

Factorial advantages

If you are interested or have any questions about Factorial, please contact our dedicated and knowledgeable team at Northwind HR!

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