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Welcome to Northwind HR – Your trusted partner of choice for payroll accounting and other services

Embark on a modern new payroll and human resource management era with Northwind HR. Whatever industry your business operates in, Northwind HR provides services tailored to your operational needs. This will give you many benefits that will pay off quickly. While you take care of your business, let us take care of your payroll processes.

Cost and time savings

Save you money and time. You do not need any additional Employees for your outsourced payroll and also no special software.

Protection against staff failure

You don’t have to worry about the risk of staff shortages, as the Northwind team will take care of you monthly payment processes.

cost transparency

When you outsource your payroll processing to Northwind, you have full control over it Costs. You pay a fixed price per payslip/employee. So you can already in advance calculate what it costs to outsource your payroll accounting to us.


In no other area of ​​law do regulations and laws have a shorter half-life than in the payroll. You don’t need internal employees for regular training send training courses.


We are responsible for this and our employees are always up to date. You avoid criminal and Additional payments, in the case of improperly prepared payslips and You will receive a high quality of your payslips from us.

On time and safe

We take care of compliance with the legal deadlines. Northwind uses only verified and certified systems. The protection of your personal data is always in the foreground and the Data storage takes place exclusively on servers in German data centers.

Northwind HR offers professional solutions

At Northwind HR, you can choose from a variety of options to ensure the smooth management of your human resources affairs – according to your requirements, and with us as your trusted and reliable payroll services provider.

Northwind HR Leistungen

Our services at a glance::

  • Electronic time recording by time management with own app for smartphones and tablets
  • Payroll accounting services
  • Human resource management with digital personnel files and HR portal
  • Paperless approval processes
  • Domiciliation service

Northwind HR provides services for your benefit

Northwind HR can easily deliver cloud or app hosting solutions individually tailored to your needs in all aspects. Our flexible, scalable services can be adapted at any time to make your processes even more efficient, which will ultimately boost your company’s profits. Payroll accounting is a particularly sensitive area because regulations and laws in this sector are continually evolving. As your partner, we professionally and proficiently take care of your payroll accounting and any other element of your service package in due time. Needless to say that we ensure statutory deadlines are met.

We at Northwind HR are passionate about providing high-quality services. We not only take the hassle out of your payroll processes, but also take full responsibility. Our staff is experienced and regularly attends training sessions to keep up to date on the latest developments. By outsourcing your payroll accounting, your staff can fully concentrate on your business and effectively run your day-to-day operations. Trust us with your necessary monthly payroll and you will not be compromised by any lack or loss of staff.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Monthly preparation of pay slips in accordance with the law and within schedule
  • No accounting delay in the event of staff shortages
  • Avoiding penalty or subsequent payments
  • Savings on time and money
  • Enhancing liquidity and productivity
  • Reliable handling of HR processes

human resources management

Cloud based

You manage your employees in the company portal for your company and the data transmitted via an automatic interface.

  • Free for you
  • Secure transmission
  • Electronic archiving
  • Free support (phone and email)
  • GDPR secure cloud solution
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human resources management software

Special software is not required to make use of our services. However, you can rest assured that we at Northwind HR are using tested and accredited systems only. Any data is exclusively being stored on servers in German data centres. One of our primary missions is to protect your personal data.

With offices in Hamburg and Stade, Germany, we look forward to nationally taking care of your payroll processes and human resources. Confidently contact our team at Northwind HR today for a no obligation quote!