Electronic time recording

Electronic time recording to reliably record staff data

Elektronische Zeiterfassung

Time recording is trust – and we keep the record

Electronic time recording serves employers and employees alike. We provide the reliability of the recording of relevant data, particularly at times when modern working time models are gradually improving. By digitally recording work hours, your employees will be provided with correct pay slips without any losses, which is for the benefit of both business and staff. Northwind HR offers you state-of-the-art electronic time recording to comply with statutory provisions.

By recording their work time, some employees probably have the impression of being permanently monitored, or they may feel their employer does not trust them. However, electronic time recording is designed for a totally different purpose. Such systems ensure that the hours worked are being recorded reliably and remunerated accordingly. And this way you can legally prove that work-breaks are being taken. Therefore, electronic time recording transparently ensures adequate protection of workers in accordance with labour protection laws.

Moreover, digital time recording allows employers to introduce and implement flexible working hours, which not only relates to the physical presence of staff in the company, but also to field-based or home workers because these forms of work require time recording by law. Trust us – we take care of reliably recording the hours worked for your company!

Below are the benefits or our electronic time recording system:

  • Recording work hours using state-of-the-art functions
  • Clear and transparent presentation of work hours, flexible work time and overtime
  • Equipped with automatic interface to accounting software
  • Savings in time, and documentation in compliance with legal requirements
  • No risk of manual mistakes when recording work hours
  • Own app included for use via smartphone or tablet
Elektronische Arbeitszeiterfassung

Our electronic time recording system for your benefit

Many companies have been using electronic time recording systems for years without being aware of continued progress and modern options available. Once you have become familiar with our digital time recording system, it will be easy for you to say goodbye to ancient time recorders or outdated recording systems. We provide state-of-the-art tailored solutions designed to perfectly support your operations and meet your specific needs.

Our team is here to help with any questions you have while using the software. We offer full free support by phone or email. We will be delighted to persuade you of the benefits of our electronic time recording system!

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